Thursday, November 19, 2009

What's Happening? Who cares!

Until recently Twitter prompted us with a question "What are You Doing?", which is personal and so common that it automatically challenges a reader into reaction. This question has been replaced now with a more distant phrase "What's Happening?", which is less personal. It also does not draw as much attention as the first question did.


Because it is not about me - the average user and because I do not care what is happening, unless it is happening to me.

It is true on the other hand that Twitter has grown a lot since its beginning. It has been used for many different purposes from personal status updates to all kinds of marketing and social networking. Looking from this perspective, the old question looks a bit narrow, but I think the authors could have come up with a better question.

Let me give some suggestions what would work better and still be aligned with today's multipurpose social hub that Twitter certainly is.

What is Happening to You?
What do You Have to Say?
What would You Like to Share?

These questions are focused on the user. They show interest in the user's opinion and they want to hear his/her particular statement. Questions like these are much more likely to generate (enthusiastic) response than the new official question.

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